About Us

Dean and Danielle are the organizers and  lead mentors of Barrie Techno Tigers. We became interested in robotics about 5 years ago when our son joined the Cyber Gnomes robotics team in new Lowell ON.

Dean became a mentor with the Cyber Gnomes the following year and mentored the team in the build of their robot and the programming of it as well. After seeing how robotics changed the lives of the student’s involved it was decided that we needed to bring robotics to Barrie.

We chose the VEX robotics program www.vexrobotics.com because it’s a worldwide program and one of the largest robotics competitions. It is also very cost efficient.

Teams travel from all over the world to compete at the VEX robotics world championship.

In 2015 Danielle and I decided to run a 4 student VEX IQ team out of our dining room in our home. We had 4 kids aged 9-12, they built a great robot and competed at 2 different events. They had a great time.


Parents love the program.

VEX IQ Is for elementary and middle school kids ages 8-13. We currently have 4 teams with a total of 12 kids being led by Danielle and a couple of other parents who stay and mentor as well.

We do this to introduce students to the world of STEM, and to show them the jobs that are available right here in Barrie. Our goal is to partner with industry in Barrie and provide their future work force.

Its our first year doing 4  teams.

Barrie Techno Tigers is a community team run by parent volunteers and funded through registration fees and sponsorship.

We are hoping to expand this year and if interested we can be found on Facebook , Barrie Techno Tiger’s Robotics or by email at barrietechnotigersvex@gmail.com